Sub-Zero Squadron

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Our fighters the A-9b Vagilance Intercepter NEW PAGE!
Yes the squadron is under new management and yes that means so is teh webpage. JH Sickman, our new CMDR, has apointed me, PRT Murkrow defender(FL3), the webmaster of the site.

I know the site isn't that fancy but I am using this format to save time for it to be updated more often.
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What is the squadron? This squadron is the bigest squadron of the Sith house Tridens of Tarentum of the EH Dark Jedi Brotherhood. We fly the deadly A-9b Vagilance intercepter

About the Webmaster
PRT/FL Murkrow Defender(or in the TC, FL/LCM) has been in the EH for 7 months. Serving in Sadhe squadron under the comand of Sickman(now WC)for a 5 months before becoming flight 2 of the squadron. A few months ago he joined the DB and was invited by former questor Proton to join the house Tridens. Now recently promoted to PRT, he was promoted to the position of flight leader of flight 3 in Sub-Zero Squadron.

JH/SC Sickman(TC WC/COL) is a longtime vet of the EH. After serving as CMDR of Sadhe squadron on the SSSD Soveriegn he has now become the WC of the wing. After joining the house Tridens he spent some time not in the squadron before being promoted to the rank of JH and CMDR of Sub-Zero.(sorry Sicky, thats realy all I know:P)
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